Why Lundsby

The greatest possible value for you

Lundsby wants to create the greatest possible value for our customers. We do this through dialogue and knowledge sharing throughout the entire process from start to finish. We act as your partner throughout the process. You can be sure that we create the best basis for you, from which you can make the decision to invest in a biogas plant. At the same time, we ensure that you can also feel safe throughout the entire process until the handover of the biogas plant, but also in relation to the operation of the plant in the time after this.

Your journey with Lundsby Biogas

Slide Initial dialogue
about your wishes,
opportunities, and
the potential.
Ensuring adherence to
schedule + access
to relevant knowledge
and information.
Full utilization of
the plant's functionalities
and potential. Max
output = good ROI.
Design and clarification
of the best solution
that suits your specific
needs - get inspired.
Our goal is to create
value for you based
on our collaboration
and solution.
Flexible, trustworthy,
and transparent order
Uncomplicated delivery of
the plant at the agreed
time as well as thorough
training of the staff in
optimal operation of the
Your wishes and goals for
the system are fully
achieved, and the system
runs as it should / is
We provide quick help
and problem solving.