Vestjysk Biogas ApS on the natural gas grid

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On 5 August 2017 the champagne ran at Vestjysk Biogas ApS. That day, the biogas plant supplied its first biogas via HMN Naturgas to the natural gas grid in West Jutland.

Ole Knudsen, co-owner and plant manager at Vestjysk Biogas ApSCo-owner and plant manager Ole Knudsen was a happy man when the tap was opened to the natural gas grid in Denmark. The biogas, which the plant produces from slurry, deep litter and chicken manure, can now give Vestjysk Biogas ApS a source of income which hopefully will be a reasonable business for many years to come.

The construction period has lastet for approx. 8 months, of which the last couple of months also have included putting the biological process of the plant in operation. Thus, there was a production of almost 300 m3 of biogas per hour when the plant finally supplied gas to the natural gas grid – and not burn it in the plant’s gas torch.

The goal of the plant is initially to reach a production of approx. 600 m3 biogas per hour. However, as a farmer Ole Knudsen is probably aiming higher.

Vestjysk Biogas ApS is owned by Rene Lomholt, Alex Ostersen, Joost Oppers and Ole Knudsen.

Vestjysk Biogas ApS is now supplying gas to the natural gas grid in West Jutland, Denmark

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