This is how we work

Lundsby’s customer values

Lundsby’s customer values include the total values that we offer you as our customer. Benefits, services, solutions, and products are a part of this. We do everything to meet your needs and desires in connection with investing in a biogas plant.

“We deliver the best output for your biogas plant”
– Lundsby Biogas

Lundsby’s key subjects

At Lundsby Biogas, we base our daily work on our broad experience and knowledge within biogas. It is to your advantage as our customer. The collaboration during the entire process is based on nine defined key subjects which we find relevant and important for good collaboration and a good project.

Slide WE ARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE CENTER You will be working with a specialist. MANAGEABLE COSTS We make sure that you have an overview of expenses throughout the project phase and maintenance of the plant. WE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE We have done it many times before and bring our experience to your solution.

Slide WE OPTIMIZE YOUR OPERATION We make sure that you always have access to the latest knowledge and professional back-and-forth for running your plant. YOUR TRUST IS CRUCIAL TO US We ensure trust through our close cooperation and we deliver on our promises. TURNKEY BIOGAS PLANT
We can provide turnkey solutions and handle the entire project phase professionally.

Slide ROI IS OUR FOCUS Our solution secure the best possible ROI. YOUR PARTNER FOR MANY YEARS You will get one of the best and most innovative development partners for years to come. SUPPORT 24/7 Service and customer support which secure maximum uptime 24/7.