The citizens of Klejtrup keep warm with biogas from Hærup Biogas ApS

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In Hærup near Klejtrup, farmer John Jensen and partner Martin Jensen started the construction of a new biogas plant – supplied by Lundsby Biogas – in February 2018. The plant was already built in July after only half a year of construction and was commissioned in September 2018.

The plant can produce enough gas – 3-4 million m3 biogas per year – so that Klejtrup CHP plant can get at least 95% of its heating fuel from here – and thus Klejtrup CHP plant can replace natural gas with biogas. Thus, only a quarter approx. of the raw material in the plant becomes manure, and the rest is made up of dry matter such as straw, corn and other biomass.

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Please contact Karsten Hjorth at or +45 316 316 99

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