Ringsted Biogas ready for delivery in December

By November 10, 2017Ikke kategoriseret

Ringsted Biogas is built by Lundsby Biogas in 2018 as a so-called ‘farm biogas plant’ and is now being started with expected delivery on the web on 1 December. Behind the project are three partners: Michael Dejløw Mølgaard, Kim Kjær Knudsen and Peter Kjær Knudsen.

The biogas plant will be converting manure and other organic material, e.g. waste from Danish Crown, to biogas, which after a purification process can be part of the natural gas supply. The by-product is a degassed slurry that can be used as fertilizer on the fields. The plant can convert 36,500 tons of slurry to 6.1 million m3 biogas per year.

The entire plant consists of up to six reactor tanks where the biomass is converted into gas. From here the gas is led to an upgrade plant where CO2, water and other by-products are removed from the biogas, which ends up as pure methane gas and is led out into the natural gas network.


Further information

Please contact Karsten Hjorth at kh@lundsbybiogas.dk or +45 316 316 99