Iglsø Agro and Biogas A/S

Iglsø Agro and Biogas A/S was inaugurated on 24 September 2018 and is now in full operation and ready for testing on 15 November 2018. The target is an annual production of 8.5 million m3 biomethane.

Five farmers have jointly established Igslø Agro and Biogas with Flemming Nielsen as daily Plant Manager. The plant should primarily receive cattle slurry as well as deep litter and crops such as corn, grass and catch crops or green biomass. The biogas plant will annually produce 3.6 million m3 biogas to be sent out into the natural gas grid. The amount of natural gas corresponds to the annual natural gas consumption of 3,700 households. (https://www.energy-supply.dk/article/view/479705/for_90_millioner_biogas_i_stoholm)

Lundsby Biogas is behind the construction:

– This is the first time that we have used steel reactor tanks in a project, and we are very pleased with the result, says Karsten Hjorth, Project Manager at Lundsby Biogas.

Further information

Please contact Karsten Hjorth at kh@lundsbybiogas.dk or +45 316 316 99

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