Huge biogas plant is now on the gas grid

By November 2, 2017Ikke kategoriseret

The large biogas plant at Grønhøj Bioenergi ApS will be on the gas grid in October.

Although the plant has not yet been completed, Grønhøj Bioenergi ApS has now started delivering biogas gas to the natural gas grid. The plant is expected to produce 7 million m3 biomethane per year when it is finished within the next few months. At the moment, the plant can produce around 500 m3 of biomethane per hour, a large part of which is pumped into the pump line.

The biogas plant is owned by Christian Nors, Esper Goul Jensen and Louise and Thomas Johansen. The general manager is Louise Johansen, who receives expert assistance from Michael Thomsen.

The biogas plant at Grønhøj Bioenergi ApS is the largest ever built by Lundsby Biogas.

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