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Lundsby Biogas A/S

Hjarbækvej 65
8831 Løgstrup
CVR. 13898588

Phone: +45 96 49 43 00

Karsten Hjorth, CSO & Partner

Karsten Hjorth has 25 years of experience from the biogas trade, and he therefore possesses a broad knowledge within biogas. He was employed by Lundsby Bioenergi A/S in 2008, and in 2015, he became one of the owners of the current Lundsby Biogas A/S. As sales director, Karsten is in charge of sales, operation, and optimization of Lundsby biogas plants.
+45 31 63 16 99


Ricco Veile, CEO

In 2019, Ricco Veile was appointed CEO of Lundsby Biogas A/S. Before, Ricco Veile was the CEO of AGV Scandinavia in Skive, a company that develops and sells automated guided vehicles. In addition to this, Ricco has eight years of experience from the wind turbine industry as the CEO of VB Enterprise (later called All Nrg Skive), the worldwide leader in the field of grid system integration of windmills, mainly offshore.
+45 22 96 60 51

Gert Rosenqvist, CTO & Partner

In 2015, Gert Rosenqvist was employed and became a partner in Lundsby Biogas. As technical director, Gert is responsible for the technical part of the company. Gert Rosenqvist has worked as a project manager in the wind turbine industry in many European countries. Gert Rosenqvist also has extensive experience from the power/heating industry; among other things, he assisted in the commissioning of large-scale CHP plants in England
+45 20 25 04 16

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