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Vinkel Bioenergi

Vinkel Bioenergi
– One of Denmark’s largest biogas plants

Vinkel Bioenergi was built to process 400,000 tons of biomass annually and supply biogas to about 25,000 households per year. This makes Vinkel Bioenergi one of the largest biogas plants in Denmark.

The company provides up to 4,000 Nm3/hour of natural biomethane to the Danish natural gas grid, i.e. slightly more than 35,000,000 Nm3 of biomethane every year.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Højslev, Danmark

Annual Production

35,000,000 Nm3 of biomethane

Commissioning Year


”We are extremely happy about our cooperation with Lundsby and their counselling – both in terms of the conducted analyses and the increased bacterial flora.”

– Jeppe Klug Madsen, CEO