Vestjysk Biogas

Vestjysk Biogas
– A plant matching its surroundings

Vestjysk Biogas’ ambition was to build a plant, which should fit perfectly into the surrounding terrain, especially regarding the height of the plant. This would prevent the plant from spoiling the beautiful landscape.

80,000 tons of biomass are fed into the plant each year – mainly residual products, maize silage and dung.

Via the upgraded part, the plant transfers biomethane through a 4.5 km long transmission line to the main natural gas station in the village Bølling. From here, five million tons of gas are fed into the natural gas grid per year.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane with a membrane


Borris, Danmark

Annual Production

5,000,000 m3 of biomethane

Commissioning Year


”We have had a really fine cooperation with Lundsby since the start of the project. They have been very good at meeting our wishes – and they were available whenever we needed help – even during weekends and at night when the plant was acting up.”

– Jesper Røn, COO