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Iglsø Biogas

Iglsø Agro & Biogas
– Degassing of biomass at height

Iglsø Agro & Biogas was originally built for an annual biomass amount of 150,000 tons, but after an expansion, it is now expected to handle 219,000 tons a year.

Because there was a need to save space, the plant has been equipped with tall reactors, which reduce the space requirements by about 50% compared to concrete tanks in an biogas plant. The tall reactor tanks also provide the advantage that stirring of the biomass becomes easier, and the costs for stirring are lower than in a plant with concrete tanks.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Stoholm, Danmark

Annual Production

15,000,000 m3 of biomethane

Commissioning Year


”Lundsby has been a formidable business partner – also after the plant had been commissioned. Lundsby then helped us obtain the optimal output in relation to the material we feed into it from the plant. And this means that we are now using 100% of our material and hardly have any waste from our production.”

– Kim Nielsen, CEO