Grauballegaard Biogas

Grauballegaard Biogas
– Robust and reliable

In July 2021, Lundsby Biogas commissioned Grauballegaard Biogas. The biogas plant is located in Lemming north of Silkeborg. In this area, there are several farmers that can supply biomass to the biogas plant. Owner of Grauballegaard and co-owner of Grauballegaard Biogas, Mads Niær Kristensen, will contribute a large proportion of the biomasses to the biogas plant.

The biogas plant is built to handle 89,000 tons of biomass every year, which gives a production of 6,000,000 Nm³ of biomethane. The biogas plant handles biomasses such as grass, maize, deep litter, and manure.

The annual production of 6,000,000 Nm³ of biomethane corresponds to a heat consumption of approximately 3,500 households.


Biogas plant upgraded for biomethane


Lemming, Denmark

Annual Production

6.000.000 m³ biomethane

Commissioning Year