A little bit about Lundsby Biogas

We offer robust and reliable biogas plants.

Lundsby Biogas Ltd. manage and build turn-key biogas plants in Denmark and the surrounding countries. We cooporate with various suppliers of upgrade plants, if the plant delivers bionatural gas to the Natural Gas Network. We participate in considerations with power/heating plants if there is a possibility of supplying to one. Lundsby Biogas Ltd. always deliver a well-tested and operating biogas plant, including the training of the personel. We provide ongoing support until the manager feels safe with the technical and biological part of the biogas plant.

Lundsby Biogas Ltd. puts great effort in making sustainable, robust and simple biogas plants. We constantly develop the plants in cooporation with new and existing customers. We have ongoing contact to the managers that are running the biogas plants. They are exchanging experiences with each other from the daily operations.

Lundsby Biogas Ltd. provide credible and competent advice from the initial meeting with the customer. This typically starts with visiting an existing Lundsby Biogas plant. This provides the opportunity to discuss the challenges with producing biogas with the manager at the plant.

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Lundsby Biogas was established in 2005 by Erik Lundsby Andreasen. Erik Lundsby sold at least 35 biogas plants through more than 20 years. The sizes of the plants varied from 100 KW plants to big plants with upgrade modules and gives the possibility to provide the upgraded natural biogas to “Naturgasnettet”.

In 2015, Erik Lundsby Andreasen chose to sell Lundsby Bioenergy Ltd. ti 3 investors, who now continous under the name Lundsby Biogas Ltd. The majority shareholder is SIC Stenger & Ibsen Construction, who previously build biogas plants along with Lundsby Bioenergi Ltd. The to other owners is CEO Gert Rosenqvist and Senior Project Manager Karsten Hjort, who both run the company on a daily basis.