About Lundsby Biogas

We are pioneers within green transition

As one of Denmark’s major biogas developers, Lundsby Biogas converts several tonnes of biomass to green and CO2 neutral gas. We do this in the most efficient way by designing and building turnkey biogas plants. We cooperate with different suppliers of upgrading plants for the supply of biomethane for the natural gas grid.

Lundsby Biogas always delivers a thoroughly tested and commissioned biogas plant, as well as the associated proper training of the operating staff. We offer ongoing support, until the operating manager feels confident regarding both the technical and biological part of the biogas plant. We are aware of the importance of always being up to date on the latest knowledge and experience in biogas plants, and therefore, we will never leave you to your own devices – we will always maintain contact.

Several years of experience with quality solutions

For more than 25 years, Lundsby Biogas has built robust, flexible, and reliable biogas plants. We focus on constant development of our plant solutions by means of updated knowhow and experience within the field, continually acquired through cooperation with our existing customers.

When you decide to use Lundsby Biogas as your partner, you will benefit from good, solid consulting services. We provide reliable advice, starting at the first meeting with you, and we give you the opportunity to visit existing Lundsby plants. This will give you a good understanding of biogas production and plant functions, and you will have a chance to discuss potential challenges and solutions with us.

Our story

Lundsby Biogas has existed since 1995, when the company Lundsby Bioenergi A/S was established by Erik Lundsby Andreasen. In 2015, Erik sold the company to three investors, who continue to run the company. The company was continued under the name Lundsby Biogas A/S, as we know it today.

The principal shareholder is Stenger & Ibsen Construction A/S and two other co-owners, who are the current technical director Gert Rosenqvist and sales director Karsten Hjorth. Lundsby Biogas has more than 25 years of experience in the construction of turnkey biogas plants.

We always focus on the customer, and we do this by listening to the customer’s needs and wishes to deliver the best solution based on our solid knowledge and experience. The basis for being able to meet the customer in this way is through our competent and loyal employees, to whom we attach great importance.