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As one of Denmark’s major biogas developers, our daily focus is to create a greener future, which is based on our experience and knowledge within the biogas industry. Our knowledge and experience make us specialists in building high-performance biogas plants that are robust, flexible, and reliable.

We use biogas plants to
propagate green energy

We have more than 25 years of experience in the development and delivery of individually designed biogas plants in various sizes and for multiple applications. Our plants are adapted to the customer’s wishes and needs. Our cases present a selection of our customer-specific solutions, where you can be inspired by how you can take part in the green transition.


New employees at Lundsby

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Lundsby Biogas has delivered turnkey solutions during the past 25 years (

This is custom heading element The builder of some of the world's largest plants: Lundsby Biogas has provided turnkey solutions during the last 25 years By […]

This is how we build
biogas plants

We know how important it is for you to have the right knowledge base for your decision to invest in a biogas plant. That is why we take you by the hand, as your active partner, from start to finish. This means that we are your partner from the first contact, throughout the design, building permit, installation, and commissioning of the plant.

Lundsby Biogas is your partner during the entire project from start to finish, but the collaboration does not necessarily end after the commissioning of the plant. We are happy to act as a sounding board through an ongoing dialogue and advice regarding the subsequent operation. If you are thinking of building a biogas plant, you can safely choose Lundsby Biogas as your partner. Together, we will make it come true.

View of the hourly production of
biomethane for the gas grid

We here provide a snapshot of one of our largest AD plants connected to the natural gas grid. You can see the hourly capacity of the plant and the CO2 reduction achieved by using biomethane instead of natural gas. And you will see how many detached houses have their annual heating demand covered by this hourly produced biomethane volume.

Tons of biomass per hour

Nm3 of biomethane produced per hour

Tons of CO2 emissions less per hour

Annual heating demand of detached houses covered per hour

from our partners

At Lundsby, we value close and good cooperation. Here, you can read and be inspired by various statements from our partners, who describe their Lundsby plant and our collaboration.

We expect to produce 5-6,000 m3 of biomethane per hour. We are currently at approx. 100,000 tons per day, which all the owners are very proud of.”-  Jeppe Klug Madsen, CEO, Vinkel BioenergiRead about the case
The plant is build by Lundsby and one of their engineers was assigned to the project for six months and should teach us how to run the plant. He did it very well. A man, who we could get in touch with 24 hours a day and he could answer all our questions and help us overcome alle the problems that we faced.- Michael Thomsen, Operating supervisor, Grønhøj BiogasRead about the case
In 2017, we decided to extend the biogas plant so it could handle solid biomass. We entrusted Lundsby Biogas with the job of building a feed system, allowing us to add deep litter, straw and other 2nd generation crops.- Carsten Thesbjerg, CEO, OL Biogas ApSRead about the case
In 2015, Lundsby Biogas built a biogas plant on my site, allowing me to supply biomethane to Spjald Fjernvarmeværk. The plant is easy to operate, and I have produced more gas than first expected.- Knud Christensen, Owner, Viftrup Biogas P/SRead about the case
In less than 4 hours we have covered one residence’s energy need for a whole year.-Boe Madsen, Co-owner, Madsen BioenergiRead about the case
The design of the plant differs somewhat from other plants. We have chosen a solution using a DBC crane. It makes us more flexible since we every day feed the plant with several tons of dry matter.-  Jeppe Klug Madsen, CEO, Vinkel BioenergiRead about the case
As part of the process, we held a meeting with representatives from Lundsby every week - here we exchanged thoughts and ideas about the project. It has been crucial for us to have a partner where we could be sure that our inputs were heard.- Peter Nissen, Representative of the owners, Outrup BiogasRead about the case
We now derive 8-10% more biomethane from the same amount of biomass and my clients are much more satisfied with the degassed manure because the floating sludge in their storage tanks is vastly reduced. Another advantage is that the degassed manure is thinner and penetrates into the ground much easier, e.g. on meadows – which used to be a problem.- Knud Christensen, Owner, Viftrup Biogas P/SRead about the case
In 2020, we extended the plant further and simultaneously established an upgrading plant, enabling us to produce biomethane for the natural gas network.- Carsten Thesbjerg, CEO, OL Biogas ApSRead about the case
We have had a really fine cooperation with Lundsby since the start of the project. They have been very good at meeting our wishes – and they were available whenever we needed help. Even during weekends and at night when the plant was acting up.- Jesper Røn, Operating supervisor, Vestjysk BiogasRead about the case
The facility is built with a great height. It makes it easier for the lorries to drive in and unload without making too much of a mess in secluded surroundings, where we can absorb unpleasant odors and avoid bothering our neighbors. This is of great importance to Vinkel Bioenergi.-  Jeppe Klug Madsen, CEO, Vinkel BioenergiRead about the case
The last two years we haven’t had much contact with Lundsby. We almost run the plant by ourselves. So, I must conclude that the education from Lundsby has been very good.- Michael Thomsen, Operating supervisor, Grønhøj BiogasRead about the case
We also see that the price for “easy” kinds of biomass such as glycerine and similar products has increased to a degree where it does not make sense anymore to use them in the plant. It will therefore make sense to derive more gas from the difficult biodegradable, but cheaper biomass. That is also why we plan to extend our plant with a post-storage tank, in order to extend our residence time. So we approached Lundsby Biogas for an offer on how to do it the easiest and most cost effective way.- Carsten Thesbjerg, CEO, OL Biogas ApSRead about the case
We are extremely happy about our cooperation with Lundsby and their counselling – both in terms of the conducted analyses and the increased bacterial flora.-  Jeppe Klug Madsen, CEO, Vinkel BioenergiRead about the case
Lundsby has been good at taking our wishes into consideration.- Jesper Røn, Operating supervisor, Vestjysk BiogasRead about the case
I learned that the big quantities of dry matter such as straw, deep litter and seed grass straw that were added to the plant had a very high content of dry matter in the degassed manure. I therefore decided to build another post-degassing tank sized 4,600m3 in 2019, which extended my residence time.- Knud Christensen, Owner, Viftrup Biogas P/SRead about the case

Our knowhow and experience will
become your solution

For the past 25 years, Lundsby Biogas has built robust, flexible, and reliable biogas plants. As your partner with knowhow, we contribute several years of experience to the design of each single biogas plant.

We have a strong focus on the constant development of our plant solutions, which requires us to be constantly updated in relation to new knowledge. We compare this new knowledge with our existing knowledge and experience in biogas, and in this way, we ensure the best solution. Our ongoing and close collaboration with existing customers makes it possible for us to act as the best partner, among other things.

We look forward to
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