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We offer
flexible, and reliable
biogas plants

As one of Denmark’s major biogas developers, Lundsby Biogas is working on a daily basis to create a greener future. We are specialists in building high-performance biogas plants, and we focus on building plants which are robust, flexible, and reliable.

We use biogas plants to
propagate green energy

Since 1995, we have built and delivered individually designed biogas plants in various sizes and for multiple applications. Please refer to the “cases” section for details on all our interesting projects and inspiration for a green transition.

This is how we build
biogas plants

As an active partner, Lundsby Biogas accompanies you from the beginning to the end – from the first contact, throughout the design, building permit, installation, and commissioning of the plant. The cooperation does not necessarily end after the commissioning.

Lundsby Biogas is happy to be your cooperation partner in a continual dialogue and providing advice on the operation, so we can ensure the best possible output of your biogas plant together. You can safely leave your ideas of building a biogas plant with us. Together, we will make it come true.

Production of biomethane for the gas grid

Lundsby has constructed biogas plants, which are connected to the gas grid and which, all in all, account for a capacity of 130,000,000 Nm3 of biomethane fed into the natural gas grid each year. This results in 260,000 tons of CO2 emissions less per year. This annual reduction corresponds to an elimination of 100,000 cars’ annual emissions of CO2 or an equivalent of 75,00 houses’ annual heating demand, i.e. the number of inhabitants in the City of Aarhus.


Tons of CO2 reduction per year due to substituted natural gas


Reduction of the annual CO2 emissions from cars on the roads


Annual demand of detached houses covered

Our knowhow and experience will
become your solution

For the past 25 years, Lundsby Biogas has built robust, flexible, and reliable biogas plants. As your partner with knowhow, we contribute with several years of experience to the design of each single biogas plant.

We focus on constant development of our plant solutions by means of updated knowhow and experience within the field, continually acquired through cooperation with our existing customers.

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